Actress Anne Hathaway became a strict vegetarian on the Irish set of period movie BECOMING JANE because she couldn't bear to eat meat after watching the birth of lambs at a farm nearby. The Devil Wears Prada star, who plays beloved English writer Jane Austen in the film, rarely eats meat - but life on a farm in Ireland really turned her off. And having fervent vegan James Cromwell as a co-star didn't help either. She says, "I'm a flexatarian which means I eat meat when I feel like I'm going to die or pass out, but I eat mostly vegetarian food. "That being said, we were filming alongside a sheep farm and it was calving season and all these little lambs were going around and were so alive. I'd never eaten lamb but I just couldn't eat any meat while I was making the movie. "James Cromwell was there and he's this hardcore, intimidating vegan, so I especially felt uncomfortable having anything to do with eating animals around him."