Anne Hathaway was "crazy and romantic" when she was younger.

The 'One Day' actress - who has been dating actor Adam Shulman for the past three years - admitted as she has grown older she has become more comfortable with her love life being "sort of messy" and less defined.

She said: "I think I'm a more kind person now than I was when I was younger about love. I think I was just kind of crazy and romantic.

"Now I'm 28, I'm comfortable not having things so defined. When I was younger, I would like things to have labels attached to them and would like them to be clear. Now I'm more comfortable with things being sort of messy."

However, the brunette beauty doesn't think it's possible for two single people to be friends, as relationships can be "complicated".

Anne added: "I think it's made easier if one, if not both of you, are in a relationship. But if two people are unattached, The Answer is it's complicated.

"Life is long and maybe if you're friends, feelings change over a long period of time."