Anne Hathaway wants five children.

The 'Dark Knight Rises' actress married Adam Schulman in September in a ceremony in Big Sur California and after a honeymoon in Morocco and France, the couple are planning to return to their Brooklyn loft but are looking for a bigger place to raise a family.

A source said: ''They're planning to get a bigger place. Anne wants tons of kids, like five.''

The couple wanted a simple ceremony and reception and guests revealed the whole thing was ''rustic''.

A source said: ''Anne walked down the aisle in the middle of the woods, Moss was everywhere, even on the microphone.''

Anne - who was with Adam for four years before they tied the knot - recently admitted she was considering relocating in order to start a family in private.

Discussing paparazzi attention with actresses Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Helen Hunt, Sally Field, Amy Adams and Marion Cotillard, she said: ''I'm thinking about that [attention] because I really want to have a baby, and my husband and 'I are like, ''Where are we gonna live?'

''I'm the only one here who's not a mother. I hope to join the ranks soon.''