Anne Hathaway was determined to get a part in 'Les Miserables'.

The 30-year-old actress had ''fire in her belly'' to convince director Tom Hooper and his production team that she was perfect for the big screen adaptation of the hit musical even though they thought she wasn't in the right age range for any of the female roles.

She said: ''I was told they weren't sure I was young enough for some of the other parts but maybe I wasn't young enough for Fantine. Do you ever have those moments when the fire in your belly just consumes you? I said that I needed to get in a room and we would figure this out. So I got my audition and just left it all on the floor; gave it everything.''

Anne admits she was terrified while filming her big 'I Dreamed a Dream' musical solo as troubled prostitute Fantine, but her worry soon turned to anger when she saw which version they had included in the official film trailer while watching it with her husband Adam Shulman.

When asked how many takes they had done, she explained: ''Quite a few, but there was only one that really mattered; the angry one. Funnily enough, when I watched the trailer with my husband, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and I had rage in mine. Well, maybe more fear.

''They took a rehearsal version and put it in the trailer. I was so confused because Tom and I had agreed which take we would use and that wasn't it. I called Tom and he investigated and the marketing guys said, 'The version for the movie was a bit too raw for the trailer, but your version will be in the film.' So I felt better... They made the right choice but that initial moment was a big shock. I was just being weird about it.''