Actress Anne Hathaway refused to speak to her conman ex-boyfriend RAFFAELLO FOLLIERI after his 2008 arrest, ignoring his desperate attempts to contact her from prison.
The Italian real estate developer began dating The Devil Wears Prada star in 2004 but allegations of wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering in 2008 put a strain on his relationship with Hathaway.
Follieri now reveals he knew their romance was doomed once the claims hit the news as the actress cut all ties to protect her good name in Hollywood.
He tells People magazine, "We were fighting a lot. The attacks in the media were putting her in a very difficult situation with her career. We talked about when we were going to see each other again. There was a planned party for me in Capri. She didn't tell me if she was coming or not. She (just) said, 'I'll love you forever.'"
The 33 year old was later convicted of his crimes and sentenced to more than three years in jail, and Follieri admits he knew he lost Hathaway forever when she wouldn't return his calls from behind bars.
He adds, "It was painful, but after, you accept."
The disgraced businessman has since been released and deported to his native Italy, while Hathaway is now engaged to actor Adam Shulman.