Anne Hathaway thinks she's a ''nerd''.

The Oscar-winning actress has admitted to being single-minded about her work, revealing that she was happy to spend 12 hours a day at sea for her new movie 'Serenity' because she was so invested in the Steven Knight-directed project.

Anne, 36 - who stars alongside Matthew Mcconaughey and Diane Lane in the thriller film - confessed: ''I'm a nerd, so I just love that aspect of it, being with people who all believed in the same story and were willing to go out and be out in the ocean for 12 hours at a time and nobody complained and everybody dug deep and did the work together and had each other's backs.

''That's always the part I love the most.''

'Serenity' - which tells the story of a fishing boat captain who is approached by his ex-wife to kill her new husband - was shot on the island of Mauritius.

Anne loved shooting the movie on location and working alongside so many talented people.

She jokingly told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''Going to paradise, filming in paradise everyday with Matthew McConaughey ... yeah, it's real hard.''

Meanwhile, Anne recently admitted to being ''swamped'' by the stresses of shooting 'Serenity'.

The Hollywood star - who has been married to actor Adam Shulman since 2012 - shared: ''It wasn't the longest job, I think we were only there for five weeks.

''But I remember on the last week looking at my husband and saying something to him, and he looked at me and he said, 'I'm going to give you the dignity of your process right now. I know this isn't you. You've got two days left. I'll talk to you in two days.'''