Anne Hathaway keeps her marriage on track by enforcing a "two-week rule" which means she can't be parted from her husband for more than 14 days at a time.

The Devil Wears Prada star wed Adam Shulman in California in 2012, and she has now revealed how they keep their relationship together amid the pressures of her Hollywood career.

Hathaway admits she often travels without her husband, but she refuses to be parted from him for more than two weeks at time.

She tells U.K. Tv show Lorraine, "We have a laminated contract on the wall... I can't say we work very hard at it... but we prioritise each other. We check in with each other. I'm very lucky that he's in a business where he can travel so that really helps. But of course there are moments when I need to be somewhere and he can't be there, and when that happens we have a two-week rule. Which means we can't go more than two weeks without seeing each other. Because then you start picking on each other. I think you get so annoyed about not having the person you love there, that you end up fighting about silly things."

However, Hathaway admits she often struggles to readjust to married life after long periods apart, adding, "You get used to just taking care of yourself, but when when you are in a couple you take care of each other. It's not like a wall goes up but you get used to doing things (on your own)."