Warner Bros have finally released the first shot of Anne Hathaway as 'Catwoman' in Christopher Nolan's hugely anticipated 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Several other shots of the actress's stunt double have also emerged, following the shoot in Pittsburgh this morning (4th July 2011), reports US Weekly Magazine.
Hathaway, wearing the traditional leather cat suit with some contemporary additions, is seen riding the 'Batpod' down the snowy steps of the Mellon Institure of Industrial Research in Pittsburgh - which is doubling as the Gotham City Hall. The scene is likely to be part of the final Batman versus Bane fight scene, of which initial pictures leaked last week featuring Christian Bale and British actor Tom Hardy. Hathaway's costume has been the subject of much speculation in recent months, and the new shots offer the first real look at the leather outfit. On first glance, it appears to be heavily influenced by Darwyn Cooke's comic book design, with thick black goggles and thigh-high boots. It bears almost no resemblance to Halle Berry's costume for the much-derided 2004 flick 'Catwoman'.
Anne Hathaway stars alongside Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard in 'The Dark Knight Rises', which opens on 20th July 2012.