Anne Hathaway and Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin are to co-host a re-election fundraiser for U.S. President Barack Obama at movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's Connecticut home.
Weinstein's latest political fundraiser for Obama will take place at his Westport beach retreat on Monday (06Aug12).
The movie producer recently endorsed the U.S. leader by insisting he was a better presidential candidate than his Republican rival Mitt Romney and referred to the two politicians as his own movies The King's Speech and Our Idiot Brother.
Weinstein said, "I spent the exact same amount on both movies. One movie was called The King's Speech. It grossed $140 million, won a few Oscars including best picture, and did sensational based on its budget.
"The other picture was called Our Idiot Brother... and it grossed $25 million. To me Romney is Our Idiot Brother, and Obama is The King's Speech. You can spend all the money in the world. If you've got a bad product, it doesn't matter."