Anne Hathaway keeps in shape by dancing.

The 'Les Miserables' actress is famed for her stunning figure and her personal trainer Simone de la Rue says the star will quite often burst into a routine to burn off the calories as she can do anywhere she likes.

She said: ''Anne Hathaway loves to dance, because she can do it anywhere. When you're walking around your home, do a step I call The Basketball Dribble. Move opposite arms to legs, imagining that you're bouncing a ball in front of each foot as you dance. It's an easy way to get your heart rate up and start working muscles.''

Simone - who used to work with Tracy Anderson - also says it's important for women not to overdo it when it comes to exercising.

She added: ''I cringe whenever I see people trying to do 1,000 sit-ups - it's like they're on a mission to do so many that they'll end up with a neck brace! Results needn't mean killing yourself. Start with 20 minutes of cardio to get your heart rate up - dancing running and skipping are great - then tone specific areas with subtle movements. For abs, lie flat with a Pilates ball in the small of your back - then make a 'C' curve upwards with your spine, like a tiny sit-up, so you're just very slightly contracting your abs.''