Sexy actress Anne Faris parodies Hollywood stunner Cameron Diaz in LOST IN TRANSLATION - although she didn't realise it when she was filming the new movie.

The blonde star plays KELLY in the cult Sofia Coppola directed comedy - but was blissfully oblivious the character was based on Diaz.

She admits, "I was shocked by that. I don't know exactly where it started, but pretty soon everyone was asking me if I was parodying Cameron Diaz.

"I felt terrible about that because, first of all, Sofia never mentioned anything regarding Cameron. We had talked about a couple of actresses but nothing too specific, and certainly not Cameron Diaz.

"And I don't think she would be that vindictive a person. I like Cameron Diaz, I think she's a good comedienne and I really enjoy watching her.

"So I wanted to apologise to her, but I guess I never got the chance - sorry Cameron."

23/01/2004 14:10