AnnaLynne McCord has revealed she dreams of playing Lara Croft in a 'Tomb Raider' movie.

The 'Dallas' actress says she would like to appear in more action roles, following her appearance in the horror film 'Excision', and has identified the role of Lara Croft - as made famous by Angelina Jolie - as her ultimate ambition.

Asked about her dream role, the actress told Digital Spy: ''My mind goes more across to Tomb Raider, like a bad-ass bitch [version of Lara Croft]! They are going to do another one, right? That would be awesome, that would make me a happy girl!''

AnnaLynne, 27, explained that she was especially proud of 'Excision', and is keen to appear in films that allow her similar freedoms.

She said: '''Excision' was the one project that I've done that I'm really proud of. As actors we're always giving ourselves the worst time ever. That film, we put our blood, sweat and tears into and thankfully it came out and got some good feedback.

''The director allowed me pretty much a carte blanche, to do whatever I wanted. As an actor, to be given that freedom and that trust, it gives birth to creativity.''