Annabelle Wallis says her 'The Mummy' character is ''reflective'' of women in the real world.

The 32-year-old actress stars as Jenny Halsey in the upcoming reboot of the action-adventure franchise of the same name, and has said the role shows ''the truth about women'' and isn't the stereotypical ''damsel in distress'' character.

Speaking to People magazine at the New York City premiere for the feature, Annabelle said: ''I loved that she's feisty and she's reflective of the women that I know in my life and that women that we have in Hollywood and in all walks of life. She's real and she's the truth about women. I wanted to make someone that was an homage to the classic heroine, but also a modern one that could be brought forward into the future. And she's rough and tumble and just is who she is.''

The news comes after the blonde beauty recently revealed she was relieved that she didn't throw up on her co-star Tom Cruise after it took them 64 takes to complete a stunt filmed in zero gravity.

She said: ''If you get any job you are excited but doing a stunt with him that he has never done before is just incredible. And, not vomiting on him!''

Meanwhile, 54-year-old Tom has revealed his character Nick Morton plays the role of the anti-hero in the movie, as some of his motives are ''questionable''.

He said: ''He's kind of naughty, Nick, a little bit. He's somebody who's a thief, an interesting character. We follow him as he takes us through this new world of gods and monsters in the new Dark Universe world and with this Dark Universe, you have these grey area characters. [Nick] is questionable, but he's very charming and funny.''

'The Mummy' also stars Sofia Boutella as Princess Ahmanet and the titular Mummy, as well as Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll, and will hit cinema screens in the UK and the US on Friday (09.06.17).