Annabella Sciorra has claimed Harvey Weinstein raped her.

The 57-year-old actress has opened up about her horrific experience she suffered at the hands of the disgraced movie mogul - who has been accused of over 50 allegations of sexual assaults and misconduct - and she has claimed the 65-year-old pounded on her door, then after he entered her room he ''shoved'' her onto a bed and performed a number of sex acts on her, although she ''kicked'' Harvey and pleaded with him to stop.

Speaking to The New Yorker in a new expose, the 'Cop Land' star said: ''Harvey was there [at a party], and I got up to leave. And Harvey said, 'Oh, I'll drop you off.' Harvey had dropped me off before, so I didn't really expect anything out of the ordinary--I expected just to be dropped off.''

But it didn't stop there as Annabella - who was married to Joe Petruzzi for four years in 1989 - continued to be hounded by Harvey that evening.

She continued: ''It wasn't the middle of the night, so I opened the door a crack to see who it was. And he pushed the door open, [He] walked in like it was his apartment, like he owned the place, and started unbuttoning his shirt. So it was very clear where he thought this was going to go. And I was in a nightgown. I didn't have much on.

''[He said] 'Come here, come on, cut it out, what are you doing, come here.' [She said] 'This is not happening. You've got to go. You have to leave. Get out of my apartment.'

''He shoved me onto the bed, and he got on top of me. I kicked and I yelled.''

Although Annabella tried to fight back and defend herself, Harvey reportedly locked her arms above her head to stop her from moving.

Annabella continued: ''When he was done, he ejaculated on my leg, and on my nightgown. He said, 'I have impeccable timing,' and then he said, 'This is for you.' And then he attempted to perform oral sex on me. And I struggled, but I had very little strength left in me.''

The brunette star has revealed the whole ordeal left her traumatised, and when her body started to violently shake in fear that Harvey left, which she believes was because he feared she was having a ''seizure''.

She explained: ''I think, in a way, that's what made him leave, because it looked like I was having a seizure or something.''

But that was not the first time Harvey targeted Annabella, as in 1995 he reportedly hounded her and approached her again.

She recalled: ''For nights after, I couldn't sleep. I piled furniture in front of the door, like in the movies.

''[One night she opened her door] there's Harvey in his underwear, holding a bottle of baby oil in one hand and a tape, a movie, in the other. And it was horrific, because I'd been there before. He was closing in really quickly, and I pressed all the call buttons for valet service and room service. I kept pressing all of them until someone showed up.''

But Annabella has revealed she felt ''ashamed'' to speak out about the incident for many years and in previous interviews, when she was quizzed about rumours she was sexually assaulted by the 'Pulp Fiction' creator, she ''panicked'' and remained tight lipped about the ordeal, even though she ''really wanted to open up''.

She said: ''I really wanted to tell you. I was like, 'This is the moment you've been waiting for your whole life.' I really, really panicked. I was shaking.''

Annabella is left ''petrified again'' after opening up about the attack.

She continued: ''Even now, as I tell you, and have had all these women around saying it's O.K. I'm petrified again.

''Like most of these women, I was so ashamed of what happened. And I fought. I fought. But still I was like, 'Why did I open that door? Who opens the door at that time of night?' I was definitely embarrassed by it. I felt disgusting. I felt like I had f***ed up.

''I don't even think I told the therapist. It's pathetic.''

And Annabella has revealed for three years afterwards she struggled to get work because of the ''Harvey Machine''.

Speaking about how her career was effected because of the businessman, she said: ''From 1992, I didn't work again until 1995. I just kept getting this pushback of 'We heard you were difficult; we heard this or that.' I think that that was the Harvey machine.''

Fellow actress Daryl Hannah has also opened up about two incidents she faced with Harvey, one which she managed to escape via a back entrance and another altercation where she has claimed she was groped by the filmmaker.

She said: ''I did tell people about it. And it didn't matter.

''Shortly thereafter [a phone call was made to her room], the knocking on the door began. It was sort of incessant, and then it started turning into pounding on my door.

''The knocking started again and again. And I was like, 'Oh, s**t'. We actually pushed a dresser in front of the door and just kind of huddled in the room.''