Anna Paquin regrets her decision to drink sugar-free fake blood on the set of her vampire TV show - because the low-calorie substitute left her feeling sick.
The actress plays a vampire's girlfriend in True Blood and the show's storylines often see her feasting on a red corn syrup mixture which has long been used in movies and TV.
Paquin admits she was delighted when producers offered her a sugar-free alternative, but soon regretted her decision.
She tells Self magazine, "I get a kick out it, but the actual blood makes me want to gag! It's kind of a sweet corn syrup, I think, with an aftertaste that's less than pleasant after the 10th take. In season one, they asked me if I wanted sugar or sugar-free. I was like, 'Sugar-free blood? Sounds great!'
"It only tastes like the latex tubes it's coming through. By the next scene I was feeding ravenously... so I drank probably a gallon. Never again!"