Anna Paquin was "surprised" when her boyfriend proposed to her.

The actress recently got engaged to her 'True Blood' co-star Stephen Moyer and the actor admits he went out of his way to plan a special evening to ask her to marry him.

He said: "The proposal was very intimate and quite surprising for her, I think, and we were by ourselves at dinner in Hawaii and...I surprised her.

"But it was something that surprised me probably more than it surprised her."

Stephen admits the reason he first fell for Anna was her acting talents.

He explained to E! Online: "Firstly, I fell in love with her talent. We were actually improvising and trying stuff, like 'It doesn't work this way, let's do it another way,' and so immediately I was very excited about that.

"And then after a few weeks, we'd finished working and I was back in London and she was in New York and I really, really missed her..."