Anna Paquin's family are delighted she is marrying Stephen Moyer.

The actress' brother, Andrew Paquin - who directs the couple in new movie 'Open House' - has grown increasingly close to her 40-year-old fiance and is thrilled at the prospect of his pal becoming his brother-in-law.

Andrew said: "I absolutely approve! Steve will be an amazing husband to Anna and a great brother-in-law.

"She's in very good hands. Steve's a lovely man and a really great guy. He's become a very good friend. Everything is great and I'm really happy for them."

The 33-year-old filmmaker thinks the couple are well suited and believes their adoration for one another is clear to everyone to see.

He added to "They have amazing chemistry together on and off the screen. There's something special going on, and they understand and respect each other.

"They are certainly in love and very good to each other and very kind to each other. That's important."

Despite being close to Anna, 27, Stephen was nervous about working on 'Open House' with her.

He confessed: "It was fantastic. but I was nervous because she's such a good actress.

"We only had two days together and it was my first time directing and I wanted to do a good job. But she made my life pretty easy as a director. She knows her lines perfectly and she understands her character."