LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith's attorney/partner HOWARD K. STERN has revealed the photos of the actress and Bahamian minister SHANE GIBSON that appeared in a Nassau newspaper were among items stolen from his home. Stern returned to the Nassau home he shared with his late girlfriend at the weekend (10FEB07) - and found it had been ransacked. He met with local police on Monday (12FEB07) to file a report into the robbery which he alleges took place in the 24 hours after Smith's death last week (08FEB07). And yesterday (13FEB07) he called the thieves "despicable" for stealing a dead woman's belongings. Among these were innocent photographs of his girlfriend and Gibson embracing, which hit the front page of newspaper The Tribune of Nassau. Stern fumes, "It's despicable that this could occur... I'm absolutely certain that these pictures are from a stolen (computer) hard drive because I shot them with Anna Nicole's camera. "It's such an invasion... These people are the scum of the earth." And Stern is horrified the harmless photos and accompanying article imply Smith used sex to help fast-track her residency status in The Bahamas. "They (thieves) scoured this hard drive to damage Shane Gibson and make it seem like they (Gibson and Smith) had an inappropriate relationship." Gibson has been attacked by political opponents over the photographs, but insists his relationship with Anna Nicole was nothing like what has been suggested by the local media. The Immigration Minister says, "This is the political season. I guess that somebody was being mischievous and trying to create an impression that did not exist."