Anna Nicole Smith's partner HOWARD K. STERN met with Bahamian police officials this morning (12FEB07) to discuss an alleged break-in at the home he shared with the model/actress. The lawyer returned to The Bahamas, where he has been living since the birth of Smith's baby girl DANNIELYNN, over the weekend (10FEB07), leaving the remains of his tragic girlfriend with medical examiners in Florida, where she died last week (08FEB07). And after spending a day with the baby girl he insists is his, Stern was all business this morning as he met with police. According to website, police are keen to learn more about an alleged break-in at the mansion. Stern has alleged that the owner of the house, G. BEN THOMPSON, broke into the premises and changed the locks after Anna Nicole died. Insiders tell the website the authorities also want to question Stern about the September (06) overdose death of Anna Nicole's son DANIEL. Thompson and his stepson recently came forward with implications suggesting Stern flushed methadone pills down the toilet of the house in question shortly after Daniel's death.