LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter must stay in the Bahamas until her paternity is determined, a judge in the Caribbean country has ruled. The injunction came after the late model's mother VIRGIE ARTHUR raised concerns with a local court about the safety of five-month-old DANNIELYNN with her current guardian HOWARD K. STERN. Justice STEPHEN ISAACS granted the grandmother's request for an injunction preventing Stern - listed as the father on Dannielynn's birth certificate - from taking the tot out of the Bahamas. Arthur refused to comment on the ruling but a friend, David Lee, explains she blames Stern for the deaths of both her daughter and grandson DANIEL, who suffered a fatal drugs overdose last September (06). He tells the New York Daily News, "There's two common denominators in the deaths of her daughter and her grandchild - drugs and Howard K. Stern. "She (Arthur) will do whatever she can to get this child away from the man (she blames) for two deaths. She is very, very fearful for the child's safety." Other men hinting to be the father of Smith's baby are photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD, Smith's bodyguard ALEX DENK and actress Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt. Smith's half-sister DONNA HOGAN also claims frozen sperm from the actress' late husband J. Howard Marshall could have been used to impregnate the late glamour model.