Busty model Anna Nicole Smith left onlookers open-mouthed at Nashville, Tennessee's Grand Ole Opry when she flashed her breasts and underpants at the audience.

The reality TV star was busy showing off her dance skills at the famous country music haunt on Saturday (16APR05) when she opted to break away from her partner and launch into an improvised solo routine.

Crowdmembers looked on in disbelief as the Texan unleashed a series of eye-catching moves.

One witness tells gossip website THE SCOOP, "She was on stage dancing with some cloggers when she broke loose from her partner and did her own thing.

"She was shimmying around, shaking her breasts, and lifted up her skirt in a sort of square-dance-can-can move and gave the audience a view of her panties.

"And then she did some sort of crazy dance where turned around and stuck her butt out at the audience and lifted her skirt. At one point, her boob popped out."

Last month (MAR05), the buxom beauty stunned Australia when she bared her breasts at the MTV Video Music Awards in Sydney.

22/04/2005 17:09