LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son died of a "massive heart attack" while visiting his mother and newborn sister in their hospital room over the weekend (ends10SEP06), according to media reports. DANIEL SMITH had flown to the Bahamas on Saturday (09SEP06) to join his mother and was in her hospital room Sunday (10SEP06) when he suddenly collapsed. According to The Nassau Guardian, sources say Daniel reportedly suffered a "massive heart attack" and his mother made an unsuccessful attempt to revive him. Police officials immediately put the hospital on a security lock-down and remained tight-lipped about the incident, pending an investigation. Police Press Liaison Officer Inspector WALTER EVANS confirmed the death yesterday (10SEP06) saying, "This morning a Caucasian male was discovered sometime after 9 am. "The cause of death has not been determined and an autopsy has to be performed. Once we would have (carried out) an autopsy, (this) would confirm the exact cause of death." Soon after word of the death leaked out, members of the press descended on the hospital and were immediately rushed into a conference room. Hospital staff hustled the baby out into a waiting van, while Anna Nicole's lawyer, HOWARD K STERN, rushed out to the hospital parking lot at the same time. Anna Nicole was reportedly whisked out of a backdoor exit, while Daniel's body was taken out through a side door and driven away in a hearse.