LATEST: Former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith's body was finally embalmed on Saturday (17FEB07), more than a week after her death. The 39-year-old was embalmed at the Broward County Medical Examiner's office by two morticians from Aycock Funeral Home in Jupiter, Florida. The process was delayed another day after Judge LARRY SEIDLIN ordered on Friday (16FEB07) that mortuary workers sign a confidentiality agreement to protect Smith's dignity in death. The process finally began on Saturday at 9:15am local time and took two hours and 45 minutes. Chief Medical Examiner DR JOSHUA PERPER and his chief investigator, EDWINA JOHNSON, were present during the procedure. Perper tells the New York Daily News, "Two embalmers did the work. The body was put in a black plastic bag and sealed with evidence tape. It's in a refrigerator under lock and key." The pathologist said there were "some minor deterioration changes", but insisted they won't affect her viewing appearance. Perper added, "She was a beautiful person. She's going to look like she looked in life." Smith's companion HOWARD K STERN, is set to testify in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom on Tuesday (20FEB07) about her wishes to be buried in the Bahamas alongside her late son, DANIEL. Meanwhile, Smith's estranged mother, VIRGIE ARTHUR, is also fighting for her remains and wants her daughter to be buried in her native Texas.