Anna Nicole Smith's mother VIRGIE ARTHUR has slammed reports she wants custody of her granddaughter - she just wants the baby to be raised by her real father. Arthur, who flew to her daughter's home in The Bahamas on Friday (09FEB07) to check on the welfare of five-month-old DANNIELYNN, has hit back at Smith's companion HOWARD K. STERN for denying her access to the baby. And the former police woman insists the baby's real father is photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD. She tells US breakfast show Good Morning America, "(Stern) won't talk to me. I saw him on TV and he said, 'You'll never see her (Dannielynn) as long as I'm alive.' "I think Larry Birkhead is the father. I don't have a problem with (Dannielynn) being with Larry Birkhead, I do have a problem with her being with Howard Stern." Arthur, who was estranged from her daughter, insists she doesn't want custody of the baby, she just wants to make sure she is properly looked after. She adds, "I don't want possession of her, I want to know if she's in a safe place. I want them to do a DNA test and I want her to be put with her father." Arthur rubbishes reports she's interested in the millions of dollars her granddaughter could possibly inherit adding, "The money has nothing to do with that baby. "If Howard wants the money, give him the money. Just give us the baby." Smith died on Thursday (08FEB07) after being found unconscious in her suite and the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel + Casino in Hollywood, Florida.