LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith's estranged mother has lost her appeal for the former Playboy Playmate to be buried in her native Texas. VIRGIE ARTHUR appeared in court in Florida today (26FEB07) in a desperate attempt to overturn a judge's decision over the fate of the model's corpse. Attorney RICHARD MILLSTEIN was awarded the remains last week (22FEB07) on behalf of Anna Nicole's baby daughter DANNIELYNN, and plans to follow Judge LARRY SEIDLIN's recommendation that the body be laid to rest next to her son DANIEL in The Bahamas. Arthur filed an emergency motion on Friday (23FEB07) asking Seidlin to reconsider his decision, but he declined this morning, insisting he wanted to preserve Smith's dignity by staging the funeral as quickly as possible. Arthur's lawyer, ROBERTA G. MANDEL, reveals his client is now considering taking the case to the state Supreme Court. Speaking outside court he said, "This mother is a mother who deserves the right to bury her child. The trial court treated her as though she was nothing."