The photojournalist fighting Anna Nicole Smith over the paternity of her baby girl DANNIELYNN has sensationally revealed the actress/model miscarried their first child. LARRY BIRKHEAD and his attorney DEBRA OPRI appeared on CNN show Larry King LIVE on Friday night (26JAN07) to update the ongoing paternity battle, which was delayed earlier in the week when Smith was granted the opportunity to fight demands for a DNA test on her baby. Smith's partner HOWARD K STERN also used the nightly news show to state he was the biological father last year (06). Birkhead refutes that claim and now reveals he and his ex-girlfriend had been planning to have a child for some time. He told King, "It was a long-term plan that we have had together, you know, to have a child. And we tried once before... It was unsuccessful. It resulted in a miscarriage. "So we talked again about having a child... and I had made plans and preparations for this child and went to the doctors appointments and... helped her through morning sickness and shopped for baby items. "I felt like it was my responsibility after the first unsuccessful pregnancy to really monitor the situation and make sure that, you know, my child, at that point, was OK." Birkhead went on to explain that Smith was so happy with her choice of father she constantly asked the photojournalist to marry her. He added, "I think the first time was maybe one of the first nights that we spent at her home... It was just not right."