Anna Nicole Smith's former assistant KIMBERLY WALTHER has hit out at the late model's lawyer and companion HOWARD K. STERN, accusing Stern of exaggerating how close his relationship with Smith was. Walther, who used to live with Smith, also claims Stern lied in a Florida court this week (begs19FEB07), where he won control of Smith's burial over her mother VIRGIE ARTHUR's wish to return her body to her native Texas. Smith's body will be laid to rest next to that of her son DANIEL in the Bahamas. Writing on her online blog, Walther says, "You never slept in the same bed with Anna! You crawled in there after she fell asleep. She never invited you to her bed! "The burial plots were bought by you, you sicko. That is the only way you could think of to finally get to sleep next to her each night... "Howard... you lied on the stand. You said you do not (financially) gain by being executor of Anna Nicole's will? What about that document you had her sign once you won the huge award from the Howard Marshall estate? Do you get 10 per cent or 100 per cent?... What a f**ing liar!"