LATEST: The doctor who prescribed methadone for Anna Nicole Smith while she was pregnant insists his treatment for the star was "medically sound and appropriate". DR SANDEEP KAPOOR is currently under investigation by the Medical Board of California after documents surfaced on the internet suggesting he had prescribed methadone to Smith. Kapoor defends his actions to US entertainment show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, explaining, "All I can say is that she had a healthy baby girl. "The baby didn't have any withdrawals, the baby was healthy. So it's obvious she was not taking drugs." Although he claims Smith was not taking drugs while she was pregnant, in a statement through his lawyer Kapoor claims he prescribed Smith methadone for pain management, adding that "methadone is approved for use by pregnant patients". Smith gave birth to daughter DANNIELYNN in the Bahamas in September (06). The former Playboy Playmate was found dead in a hotel suite in Hollywood, Florida on 8 February (07).