LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith's lead attorney in the Bahamas withdrew as counsel for the reality TV star yesterday (11OCT06), following disagreements over her conduct. Michael Scott claims he was unsettled by Smith's decision to exchange vows with her US lawyer and confidante HOWARD K STERN before she had made funeral arrangements for her son. Smith's 20-year-old son DANIEL died on 10 September (06) from a lethal combination of methadone and anti-depressants, just three days after she gave birth to her baby daughter. American publication People bought the photos of the ceremony the couple held on a catamaran on 28 September (06) just off Nassau, even though it was not a legal wedding,. And selling the wedding photos caused a rift in Smith's relationship with her legal team. Scott says, "A disagreement on a commercial transaction made it difficult for us to remain as counsel." He also cited disagreements with Stern, who claims he is the father of Smith's newborn daughter. Scott adds there were "strong differences of opinion between myself and Howard over strategies. It was not really an amicable parting." A Nassau funeral home has been holding Daniel's embalmed body while awaiting further instructions from the family. Bahamian police investigating Daniel Smith's death expect to submit their report to authorities later this week (ends15OCT06), who will determine whether a jury inquest is necessary.