Anna Nicole Smith's daughter DANNIELYNN is "doing fine" after the sudden death of her mother, according to the woman who has been looking after the baby since the model's death. GERLENE GIBSON has been the baby's constant companion since Dannielynn was six weeks old and she was the person watching over her when Smith died on 8 February (07) in Florida. Gibson also looked after Dannielynn while her late mother was buried in the Bahamas on Friday (02MAR07), and now the mother of former Bahamian Immigration Minister SHANE GIBSON is letting fans know the six-month-old is being well looked after, amid all the fuss. She tells America's People magazine, "She is doing fine. She is growing. She's rolling over, and she's trying to pull herself up. She plays peek-a-boo. She likes all her toys. She has a bouncy seat." The baby is currently the subject of a custody battle in the Bahamas between Smith's companion HOWARD K. STERN, former boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD and Smith's mother VIRGIE ARTHUR. Gibson confirms the baby was asleep last week (ends02MAR07) when her grandmother saw her for the first time, explaining, "When (Arthur) came she was very much asleep. She looked at her in the crib and that was it." Gibson adds that when she looks in the child's face she sees Smith looking back: "I can see Anna's smile. She has her mother's mouth and I think she has her mother's eyes, as well."