LATEST: Reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith tried to persuade a sterile man to put his name on her newborn baby's birth certificate, according to a sworn affidavit. In the affidavit, real estate mogul BEN THOMPSON claims he briefly had an affair with Smith last year (05) and that during her pregnancy she tried to convince him he was the father. According to news website, Thompson informed her it was impossible he had fathered DANNIELYNN HOPE MARSHALL STERN, because he'd had a vasectomy. Thompson says Smith then confessed that ex-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD was the baby's true father. Birkhead is currently involved in a bitter battle with Smith to establish the paternity of the baby. Thompson's statement is the second sworn affidavit claiming Smith named Birkhead as the baby's father. Smith's former friend LAURIE PAYNE also claims the former Playboy Playmate told her Birkhead was the father. Thompson also alleges he was in the Bahamas shortly after Dannielynn's birth and that Smith asked him repeatedly if he would put his name on the birth certificate as the father, even though Smith knew he wasn't. Thompson says he refused to cooperate, and that Smith subsequently had her lawyer, HOWARD K STERN, claim he was the father of the baby.