LATEST: Reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith will fight a court order from a US judge that she submit her baby daughter to a DNA test. A Los Angeles judge ruled Smith has to submit her four-month-old daughter for testing by 23 January (07) to settle a dispute between her ex-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD and her companion HOWARD K STERN, who both claim to be the baby's father. Stern's lawyer JAMES NEAVITT has slammed the court order, telling American publication Us Weekly that the couple will dispute the decision. According to Neavitt, the California court would have no jurisdiction in a possible custody hearing regarding the Bahamas-based couple and that the paternity test order is null and void. Birkhead's lawyer, DEBRA OPRI, has offered to have the saliva swab test flown down to the Bahamas and insists her client will prevail in his quest to prove he is the father. She adds, "Anna will have a reality check."