Anna Nicole Smith is being sued for the second time by her ex-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD, who claims the model/actress lied on her daughter's birth certificate. Photographer Birkhead dated Smith earlier this year (06) and claims he is the biological father of six-week-old DANNIELYNN HOPE MARSHALL STERN, who was born in the Bahamas last month (SEP06). However, Smith and her lawyer and current partner HOWARD K STERN maintain he is the father and he is listed as such on the tot's birth certificate. Birkhead is also suing Smith for custody of the baby girl and is asking the former Playboy Playmate for a paternity test. This week (ends27OCT06), Birkhead's lawyer DEBRA OPRI filed a second suit in the Bahamas alleging Smith provided fraudulent information when applying for Dannielynn's birth certificate. Opri says, "It will be up to this government entity to pursue any criminal investigation against either Anna Nicole Smith and or Howard K Stern."