LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith has been ordered to submit her baby daughter to a DNA test by 21 February (07) in an effort to end the dispute over who the baby's biological father is. A California judge overseeing the paternity battle between Smith and her ex-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD demanded the model/actress must comply with the new court deadline during a hearing yesterday (07FEB07). Another judge temporarily blocked an order forcing Smith's baby daughter DANNIELYNN to undergo paternity testing last month (JAN07). Smith's attorney, RONALD A RALE, questioned the legality of the test, claiming authorities in The Bahamas, where his client is now living, needed to grant work permits before an American doctor could conduct the test. Both Rale and Birkhead's attorney, DEBRA OPRI, say the DNA test will happen. Smith claims the father of her baby daughter is her longtime personal lawyer HOWARD K STERN.