LATEST: Allegations Anna Nicole Smith was murdered have surfaced after a laptop containing crucial information was seized from the star's bodyguard's wife. Police took the computer from the room where Smith died at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel + Casino in Hollywood, Florida last month (FEB07). Nurse TAMZA BRIGHTHAUPT, who was in the room at the time of Smith's death, is not thought to be under suspicion. The coroner investigating the star's death has allegedly halted proceedings until further information over the laptop's contents are revealed. Emails found on the seized laptop detail drugs Smith was taking, with correspondence between the model-turned-actress and her doctor. The late star's bodyguard MAURICE 'BIG MOE' BRIGHTHAUPT has previously claimed Smith's boyfriend HOWARD K. STERN was acting "highly strange" in the run up to her death. Florida police have met with their Bahamian counterparts to inspect the evidence, although a Broward County state attorney insists, "This is not a homicide investigation."