LATEST: Busty Anna Nicole Smith was left stunned when she was approached to write a column in the new-look American publication NATIONAL ENQUIRER, because the tabloid had only ever written mean things about her.

The reality TV star unveils her new weekly page in the new issue of the tabloid, admitting she initially turned down editor-in-chief PAUL FIELD's offer to join his staff.

She writes, "I said no, but, like always, my lawyer wouldn't shut up. He said they wanted me as a celebrity who would speak their mind, tell it how it really is in the showbiz world.

"I could talk to my fans and those people who think I'm just a dumb blonde. I started to like the idea... Nobody would believe I could do it. Everybody knows I'm not a writer."

In her first column, Smith offers support to US TV star PAT O'BRIEN as he undergoes rehabilitation for an alcohol problem and reveals she's a huge fan of Demi Moore and Sharon Osbourne.

07/04/2005 03:30