LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith was buried in the Bahamas yesterday (02MAR07), three weeks after she died in a Florida hotel suite (08FEB07) at the age of 39. The former Playboy Playmate was buried after a 90-minute church ceremony attended by 300 mourners. Her lawyer and companion HOWARD K STERN, spoke during the service and slammed her "so-called family members" and vowed to continue to protect Smith even in death. When Stern finished his speech inside Mount Horeb Baptist Church, his supporters stood and clapped. Smith's estranged mother VIRGIE ARTHUR was also at the service and had filed an emergency legal motion to stop the funeral earlier that morning in favour of a burial in Texas, which was denied. Smith's casket was carried down a red carpet into the chapel by six pallbearers, including former bodyguard MAURICE "BIG MOE" BRIGHTHAUPT, Houston, Texas police officer TROY HOLLIER, and her Los Angeles attorney RON RALE. The church was decorated with pink and white roses and daisies and Smith's mahogany coffin was covered in a rhinestone-studded, pink feathered blanket. Among mourners attended the service were Smith's former boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD, John James, a soap-opera actor who produced Smith's last movie and GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash. After the funeral, the coffin was moved to Lake View cemetery, where she was buried in a tiara and custom-made beaded gown next to her son, DANIEL, who died of drug-related causes in September (06). DR. JOSHUA PERPER, the Broward County medical examiner in charge of the case, is scheduled to announce the cause of Smith's death next week (beg05MAR07).