Anna Nicole Smith has launched a furious TV torrent of abuse on her estranged mother after learning she visited the grave of her late son in The Bahamas. The actress/model flew into a rage when she saw photographs of VIRGIE ARTHUR kneeling at her son DANIEL's grave and kissing the ground, under which he's buried. Smith refused to invite members of her estranged family to the funeral service last year (06) and cannot believe her mother made the trip to see Daniel's final resting place. In a taped TV interview, which will air in America on Monday (05FEB07), angry Anna Nicole hisses, "I can't believe she had the nerve to come up here on my son's 21st birthday and lay her fat self on my son's grave." Arthur enraged her daughter after Daniel's death last September (06) by appearing on US TV news shows insisting the 20-year-old was murdered and pouring scorn on Smith's plans to wed her attorney HOWARD K STERN. In one interview last November (06), Smith stated, "She (Arthur) hasn't seen my son since he was probably about five years old; she doesn't know him, she doesn't know me. "For her to go out there and make these ridiculous statements about me killing my son or Howard killing my son, who does she think she is? "When I saw her on CNN and I saw how evil she was and how evil she looked... bring it on, Mom, Mommie Dearest, bring it on."