A doctor who treated Anna Nicole Smith feared he would lose his job after kissing the late model/actress and prescribing her powerful drugs, a court has heard.
Medics Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich and Smith's companion and lawyer Howard K. Stern are accused of conspiring to illegally provide the late star with prescription drugs. All three have pleaded not guilty.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert J. Perry has banned candid images of Smith, obtained by prosecutors, from being shown in court, fearing it would "sensationalise" the hearing.
The nature of the photos were not revealed, but one shot reportedly shows Eroshevich sharing a bath with Smith, supporting the District Attorney's case that the doctors acted unprofessionally and inappropriately.
However, entries from Kapoor's diary were allowed to be heard in court, and were read out by Judge Perry during a preliminary hearing on Wednesday (28Oct09).
In one entry, dated 13 June, 2005, Kapoor - who his lawyer had claimed was gay - writes, "I was making out with Anna, my patient, blurring the lines. I gave her methadone, Valium. Can she ruin me?"
Another earlier excerpt detailed Kapoor's own struggle with drugs.
In an entry from 17 November, 2002, he writes, "I also need to get off the drugs. The Buspar (anti-anxiety drug), Wellbutrin (used for depression) have to go. But first the Ambien (sedative) has got to go. Oh God, it's so addicting. I have to get off that s**t."
Smith died from an overdose of prescription pills in February, 2007.