Anna Nicole Smith was banished from shock jock Howard Stern's Manhattan, New York radio studio yesterday morning (04MAY04) after turning up with a TV crew and demanding an apology.

The busty blonde had hoped to film the DJ's apology after he poked fun at her weight during a 2002 interview.

But, not only did Stern refuse to say sorry, he kicked Smith and her crew out of his studio.

The explosive confrontation was captured by cameramen working for showbiz show EXTRA!

Smith claims she was supposed to be a guest on the radio show, where she was planning on demanding an apology from Stern during her first appearance on the programme after her 69 pound (31 kilogram) weight loss.

She told the Extra crew, "What he said to me was very hurtful. I don't think it's right and I wanted to go in there and tell him that.

"Howard Stern wouldn't let us film inside but said they would film us and I think it's ridiculous."

The whole episode ended with a nasty telephone tirade between Smith and Stern, during which the model blasted, "Oh, f**k you Howard. You owe me an apology. You called me a big fat porker pig and tried to get me up on a scale. Does that get you off to call people fat? F**k off, Howard!"

05/05/2004 09:28