LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith and her partner HOWARD K STERN have been granted a court order to keep the unnamed person who cut off their power away from their home in The Bahamas. The couple has been playing down reports their electricity and water was cut off amid attempts to evict her from her lavish home, but now admit one person was responsible for keeping them in the dark for a night recently. Attorney Stern says, "Somebody did try and shut the power off but we have a court order against this person so he can't come on the property or try and shut the power off, or the water." And, in an effort to avoid further problems, Stern and Smith have decided to move out and buy a secret retreat on the island they now call home. Smith explains, "I've actually bought a new house and it's really nice. It's on a dock and it's a big house, lots of bedrooms and I'm really excited about the house." Despite the nightmares the couple have experienced on the Bahamas, Smith and Stern have no plans to leave. Stern says, "We love it here. The people have been great." Smith adds, "My son is buried here, my daughter was born here and I expect to be here for a while."