LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith and her partner and attorney HOWARD K STERN have gone public with their Bahamian home battle, insisting the developer attempting to evict them is simply seeking publicity. The couple has remained silent amid allegations from G BEN THOMPSON that he was short-changed by the former model after affording her a loan to buy the island retreat where she has been living for the past four months. Thompson insisted Smith, who reportedly briefly dated the developer, would be out of the house by 31 October (06) after gong public with claims the place was rightly his. His claims upset politicians in the Bahamas threatened to end Smith's residency on the island if Thompson's allegations were true. But now Smith and Stern have agreed to talk about the feud on US TV and will appear during tonight's (27NOV06) ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT news show in the US in an effort to give their side of the fight. Smith says, "Someone is trying to evict me (but) I own this house and I'm going to let the courts handle it." She also fights news that her electricity was recently cut off. She explains, "I heard my electricity was off, but it isn't... The electricity was shut off for an hour one day... Down here it goes out... I had a generator."