Reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith has been accused of dyeing her new daughter's hair to make her look more like the baby's reported father HOWARD K STERN. An attorney for LARRY BIRKHEAD claims the 38-year-old star darkened her infant daughter's locks to help bolster her claims that Stern is the father and not Birkhead. Smith, Stern and Birkhead have been engaged in a bitter paternity battle since the child was born in September (06), with both men claiming to be the baby's father. Birkhead saw the child with dark hair in previewed clips of Smith's interview with US TV show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and became suspicious of her darker hair colour. His attorney, DEBORAH OPRI says, "It's horrendous. We are calling our experts right now to see if dyeing an infant's hair is in any way toxic or harmful to the child." Birkhead has sandy blonde hair, while Smith is naturally a brunette and Stern has black hair. Smith's attorney, RON RULE, has slammed the allegations, calling the hair-colouring claims ridiculous.