LATEST: A Los Angeles judge ruled this morning (14FEB07) that former model Anna Nicole Smith's body could be released from a Florida medical examiner's office. The ruling came just hours after a Florida judge upheld an earlier California court ruling that Smith's body be held for 10 days until DNA tests are complete. According to Smith's attorney RON RALE, "The judge found that there was sufficient DNA, as we had contended, that had been taken by DR PERPER, who is the chief medical examiner in Broward County." The former Playboy Playmate's ex-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD is fighting to prove he is the father of Smith's baby DANNIELYNN. Birkhead's attorney had argued that accurate DNA testing would not be possible if the body was moved from the coroner's office. Today's legal decision came as the Florida coroner's office warned that Smith's body was decomposing and should be released as soon as possible. Rale says Smith's remains will be sent to her former lawyer and companion HOWARD K. STERN, who also claims he is the father of the model's five-month-old daughter. He adds, "We want Anna Nicole to have a proper burial. We want the process to commence so that she doesn't lose a day." Stern's attorneys are expected to appear in a Florida courtroom later today (14FEB07) to uphold the latest decision from the California judge, saying that Smith's body can be released. Smith's estranged mother, VIRGIE ARTHUR, is also fighting for the body to be released to her, so that she can take it back to her daughter's native Texas.