Howard K. Stern has been spared jail in connection to the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

Glamour model Anna died of a prescription drugs overdose in 2007, and an investigation into who should face charges for helping her obtain the drugs ruled there was no evidence to suggest Stern had intended to commit fraud by procuring medication for the former Playboy star under a different name.

Defence lawyers for Stern - a boyfriend and former lawyer of Anna - had argued that it was "Common practice" to use false names on prescriptions for celebrities in Los Angeles "to protect privacy".

The judge dismissed two conspiracy felony charges against Howard, who said outside court: "I was looking in the sky, thinking Anna was being vindicated."

Stern also stated he felt the prosecution had tried to paint Anna Nicole as a weak drug addict while the opposite was true.

Dr. Khristine Eroshevich - Anna's personal medic - was also charged for her role in case, but her conviction was reduced to a misdemeanour by Los Angeles judge Robert Perry and she was ordered to serve probation, as well as fined $100.

Anna's death in a Florida, was ruled as from "acute combined drug intoxication."