LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith refused to show up for a scheduled deposition meeting with her ex LARRY BIRKHEAD's attorney DEBRA OPRI in the Bahamas today (23OCT06). The lawyer flew to Nassau over the weekend to meet with the busty blonde and discuss paternity issues with her as part of Birkhead's custody battle over the model/actress' baby girl, who he claims is his. His legal spat comes after Smith's attorney HOWARD K STERN announced he was baby DANNIELYNN's biological father on US TV show Larry King LIVE. Birkhead insists he's the father and has asked for a paternity test so he can prove it. Opri says, "Larry Birkhead has offered to settle the paternity action in private. Anna Nicole Smith refused. The offer is now off the table. She wants to play high stakes poker... the stakes are going to get higher." The angry lawyer has appeared on US TV news show Extra with a firm message to Smith: "Listen to me and hear what I have to say - you want to put this case to rest... allow the test. "I'm, not going away. Larry Birkhead isn't either. Larry Birkhead is the father. My client Larry Birkhead loves that little girl. He conceived that child with Anna Nicole... He planned for the birth... They prepared for the birth. "Howard K Stern came on the Larry King show... and he said, `I'm the father... and if Larry Birkhead was smart he'd get an attorney.' Well, Larry Birkhead is smart... He got a good attorney. I know what I'm doing... and I know how to fight."