The topless dancers at the club chain where Anna Nicole Smith once worked are planning a St Valentine's Day tribute to the late actress. Dancers at the 13 Rick's Cabaret gentlemen's clubs across America will blow a kiss to Smith at midnight tonight (14FEB07), as a mark of respect to their former colleague, who died last week (08FEB07). The Houston, Texas Rick's Cabaret was always close to Anna Nicole's heart - it's where she first met her future husband, oil tycoon J HOWARD MARSHALL, in the early 1990s. Rick's Cabaret co-founder ROBERT WATTERS recalls, "Anna Nicole and Howard Marshall were a fixture. Howard would come in during the day and spend money. He'd have a drink and watch Anna Nicole. "She would often dance for him with a friend and he seemed to get as much pleasure out of watching her interact with another dancer as anything else."