LATEST: Photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD is optimistic about the outcome of his paternity battle over ex-girlfriend Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter after arriving in the Bahamas to fight for custody. Birkhead and Smith's estranged mother VIRGIE ARTHUR both attended yesterday's (16MAR07) court hearing in the ongoing paternity and custody fight over the six month old. And, even though he lost the services of his longtime attorney DEBRA OPRI earlier in the week, the photographer remains positive about the verdict of the ongoing legal battle. He says, "I'm hoping for the best. I'm hoping for good news." The Bahamian judge in the case has reportedly asked Birkhead's custody rival, HOWARD K. STERN, to submit to a paternity test, even though he is listed on the baby's birth certificate as her father. Birkhead, who claims to be Dannielynn's biological father, and Stern have been ordered back to the Bahamas on Tuesday (20MAR07) to hear testimony from DNA experts. Upon leaving the courtroom, an upbeat Birkhead told reporters, "I know I'm the father and I just want the court to know I'm the father. I will be back on Tuesday."