The photojournalist fighting Anna Nicole Smith for paternity of her baby girl DANNIELYNN was stunned when the actress/model dumped him and jetted off to the Bahamas, because he felt sure they were committed to each other. LARRY BIRKHEAD claims his ex was talking about marrying him and the couple were making big plans to become parents when he suddenly discovered she no longer wanted him to be a part of her life. Birkhead says, "One day I'm in a store buying maternity clothes and helping her while she's sick... The night before she left, I bought her $200 worth of desserts and she ploughed through them in 20 minutes because she was having cravings. "I enjoyed it. I liked helping her. "I felt like we were actually getting somewhere at that point. We were both happy. We talked about, you know, the baby. You know, every night she'd make me sing songs to her - the baby, in the belly... before she went to sleep. "I tried to get her out of her pain and discomfort. And I did everything I could." Birkhead launched a paternity suit against his ex and her new partner, HOWARD K STERN, last year (06), and has so far spent $300,000 (GBP153,800) in legal fees trying to force Smith to agree to a DNA test on baby Dannielynn. A test deadline came and went last week (23JAN07) as Smith and her legal team demanded a delay. The paternity case will return to court next month (FEB07).