Anna Nicole Smith's former lovers LARRY BIRKHEAD and HOWARD K. STERN have filed a lawsuit against the authors of a controversial new book documenting the late glamour girl's life. Birkhead and Stern claims Pol' Atteu and Patrik Simpson - the authors of Anna Nicole Smith: Portrait Of An Icon - are solely trying to make money out of stolen pictures of the former Playboy model and were never actually close to the tragic star. Birkhead - father of Smith's daughter Dannielynn - says, "The only thing I know about them is that they tried selling pictures of Anna without her permission, and were booted out of Anna's life for approximately two years." He adds, "I am offended by the stupidity of these bozos who are trying to make a buck off a so-called friendship. "They were not true friends of Anna; in fact, she was very skeptical of them. I remember many times being present when Anna would not take either of their calls." The books publisher Jody Gibson confirmed she has received legal documentation on behalf of Stern. She says, "Howard K. Stern had his attorney send me a letter wanting to sue me. He said that (the authors) stole two 'priceless' pictures that are in the book. But they signed a contract verifying the authenticity of content. How do I know Howard owns what he's claiming to own?" She adds, "Larry Birkhead was a hanger-on who wanted to get in on the act and had a brief moment with Anna. And lo and behold, he is the biological father and holds the key to her future through her child."